Only a few days to go - so we are busy pulling it all together.
We have 2 team entries, which is good, as we have never done the race as a relay before so it will be good to see how it works.
Over 30 pre-entries, the most we have ever had register beforehand. Very exciting!

The 'mementos' are ordered and being delivered on Wednesday - I can't wait to see them. This year's mementos are donated by Steve Davies in memory of his mum Pam - thank you so much Steve.

The buffet is well underway - menu sorted. Showers booked - and we have booked Friday afternoon to get out on the course and leave you a few 'pointers' for the route. But - as with all fell runs..... as long as you hit the checkpoints - we don't care what route you take!
See you Saturday...

Two weeks to go,,,

Entries are coming in regularly now - and there has been a lot of interest in the event. Fairwater Runners have been out training on the route a few times now, and have been mostly blessed with good weather too.

There's no doubting that it's a tough race - but the sense of achievement when you finish is a just reward for your effort.

Plus - we have a magnificent buffet for everyone in the Rugby Club at the finish.

This year we have been gifted a donation from Steve Davies in memory of his mum Pam - so all finishers will receive a memento to remind them of the Race -although I don't think you will forget this one!
See you on 31 March...

2012 - off we go!

Where did the last year go? This weekend we will do our first recce of the full course. It means an early start Sat. In order to get out there and sort lifts, transport etc., but there's no other way. Thankfully, I can just do a loop of Crug Mawr, pick the car back up and then follow the others to pick them back up when they have had enough. Realised tonight, the race funds are sitting in our old club's account! Forgot about that when we changed clubs. Will be a mad rush now to get them back to cover the cost of our infamous buffet and hot showers....

Llanbedr to Blaenafon Fell Race

Saturday 31 March 2012

15 miles (26km)- 4,500 ft (372mtrs). Category AL. ER/LK/NS
Start from Llanbedr Village, up over Crug Mawr, then climb up the back of the Sugar Loaf, down into Abergavenny, out to Llanfoist and then up and over the KILLER - The Blorenge. Finish in Blaenafon.

This race was first held in 1980

Last year - there were 116 entries who enjoyed gorgeous weather, many seeing the top of the Blorenge in sunlight for the first time ever!
Our sincere thanks to Gareth Buffet and his friends for all their hard work for their 28 years of organising this prestigious event , and we hope that we can continue their success.

Registration is at Blaenafon Rugby Club between 10.30am and 11.15am.

The start is at Llanbedr village. You will need to arrange transport to and from start/finish.

After the race, there are showers and refreshments at Blaenafon Rugby Club.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to help marshall the race, please telephone or email us.